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no sleep til Brooklynn

May. 27th, 2010

10:51 pm

This summer is shaping up to be fantastic. I have next week off from work! On Monday we are going over to my parents for a turkey dinner with everyone. An afternoon of playing cards, dominoes and Apples to Apples! Wednesday we are going to Shipshawana with Rob's parents. When the weekend hits it's Festival time!!! I'm so pumped, I love Festival.

We have a few parties in June. The end of June will bring Amanda home. I have a date night with Drake to see Toy Story 3. Shannon and Mike's wedding in the day before our one year anniversary.

July has Renee's bridal shower that I'm planning. Fireworks for the 4th. I love fireworks. July will book up quickly I'm sure, so if you want to cement any plans get them in soon.

August seems pretty tame so far.

September is Renee's wedding. I can't wait to get my dress. It's pretty.

May. 9th, 2010

08:00 pm - It goes both ways

I felt so good today. I woke up about 9 and had the urge to go walking. I rarely get this urge. I mean look at me!!! hahahaha. I usually walk around the apartment complex for up to 30 minutes. I decided to try out the trail by the apartment. I don't know why I've never done this before. It was so nice out today. I only came across one other gentleman on the trail. I took it all the way to Eastern. Instead of just turning around I went down Eastern to 60th to the apartments. I made it through the entire Circus album by Britney Spears.

When I got home I realized I had walked just over an hour. I want to do this more than once a week. Next time though when I get to Eastern I'll just turn around on the trail. Seems safer than walking down Eastern and 60th.

I know it isn't much, but I'm proud of myself. I had a frustrating week up to this point. I was mostly frustrated at me. Which then gets me frustrated at almost everything. So this was a break through for me.

Oh and I picked up the new Kate Nash album from the library on Saturday!!!!

May. 6th, 2010

07:51 am - Food Coma

I seriously think I had a small food coma last night. On Kat's suggestion we tried the Mexican place by our house. It was really good. We had an appetizer or queso with chirizo. For dinner I had a taco, enchilada, and the chicken off of what was suppose to be a chalupa. (I don't understand their version and it had beans on it. Yuck) For dessert I tried the deep fried cheese cake. I washed this all down with two beers.

After we got home I dinked around for a bit. Then I laid down on the couch and fell asleep until 10ish. I dinked around for about 45 minutes and then went to bed for good. I woke up at about 7:30ish this morning. I can't believe how much I slept.

Apr. 27th, 2010

09:50 pm - Bad recipes

I'm purposely freaking myself out here. For shits and giggles I looked up the sandwich I had a Red Robin on Friday to see exactly how bad it was for me. (I had my doctors appointment today and I gain some weight back) The damn sandwich was over 900 calories!!!! With the fries and beer I had with it that should have been all I ate that day. Then I took a look at the almost the same sandwich in wrap form. It should be less right? The fried onion straws were not on there, and it's a spinach wrap. Nope over 1100 calories. What the hell? Then I took a look at the salad my mom loves and gets extra dressing for. Without the extra dressing we are looking at 1400 calories. I need to stay away from restaurants! It's crazy how many calories are in stuff.

I'm hoping this scares the shit out of me when I go to restaurants or keep me the hell out.

Apr. 22nd, 2010

05:37 pm - What did I do?

I found a bruise today when I was showering. It's on my left calf. Pretty big. I have no idea how it got there. I'm throughly confused.

Apr. 13th, 2010

11:41 pm - Hooray for me!

I went to my weight to wellness appointment thinking I've gained weight. I mean I've been laid up with a bum foot and I haven't been eating the healthiest. I was diving into comfort foods hard core. Drum roll please....................... I didn't gain anything!!!! My weight stayed the same. I couldn't be happier. Now I just need to get this foot better so I can go out for walks and stuff.

My homework for next week is to get one serving a fruit into each day. For some reason this is hard for me. It shouldn't be. I like enough types of fruit to enjoy something everyday. We talked about trying new foods too. Rob was happy to hear that! I bought some strawberries. ($1 at Meijer this week) and some melon. I even cut up the melon when I got home to make it easy to access. In my food journal I now have to keep track of carbs. This I'm afraid of. Sure I can keep it to 1,000 calories and over 50 grams of protein per day, but I love me some carbs. At least she didn't give me a set goal. Just keep track of it for this week then we'll talk about it.

I'm in a "I need to be better at............" mood.
cleaning the bathrooms on a regular basis
returning emails (which is weird. It annoys me to no end when people don't return emails/voice mails)
opening up
being honest with myself
following through with my late night hopes and To Do List for the next day!

And here it is. To Do for Wednesday
Fold laundry
Clean bathrooms
I'll just keep it nice and simple.

Apr. 11th, 2010

01:05 am - 16 and Pregnant

I can't watch this show anymore. (but I totally will) Today it made me want a baby right the hell now, and made me realize that I'm going to be feeling the same way as some of these girls at 30 plus years old. I'm not going to know exactly what to do all of the time, and there won't be a show for me to go on! Also I told myself I should be cleaning the apartment. If I can't keep the apartment clean when I have the free time how the hell am I going to get this stuff done once I have a kid? Honesty I think I was just in a mood until after we went to Jay and Theresa's tonight for cards.

I got my sleep results in the other day. I have mild sleep apnea. I stop breathing about 8 times an hour when I sleep. I have to go back in to sleep with a CPAP in a couple Mondays. Part of me totally wants this machine to work so I can wake up refreshed. But I don't want to have to sleep with this machine every night. Does anyone use one of these?

My foot is doing much better. Mom and I traded cars for this past week. She has an automatic. There was no way I was going to be able to drive my stick last week. Thanks Mom!

Apr. 5th, 2010

07:02 pm - Honestly

Friday was pretty good. I went to Julie's after work, munching on the sandwich and healthy food I brought. Of course Julie had yummy food at her house. I had a couple bagel chips with hummus (which I have at home) and a handful of chips with some taco dip. I left Julie's with some new earrings bought and feeling really good. At Juke's I had two Cosmos and left early. I was super tired. Rob had gotten a ride there and a ride home! Thanks Mike, Kat, Jason and Misty!!!! I was hungry, on my way home I stopped by Taco Bell. I can justify this with "Well at least it's not fried"

Saturday I went and saw Where The Wild Things Are in Hastings for free. It was awesome. I don't know how the kids today would like it. It was very nostalgic for me. There was an intermission in the middle of the movie. At first I was like what the hell? Mom said they do that for the free kids movies. I had this little girl in front of me that kept bouncing back in her chair. It was driving me crazy. Note to self don't go see kids movies at the theater.

That night I was going to meet Taylor and her friends at The BOB. I got there early and parked about 4 blocks away Awesome get some exercise in while parking for free. I went into Fridays and had my first Cosmo. I was invited to sit with some people across the bar when I got there. That was the beginning of wonderful night. Or so I thought. I got the The BOB (for free) and had another Cosmo. We were inside the Crush. I left to hit up the bathroom. On my way back I attempted to walk down two steps that I knew were there. There were not very well lite. I biffed it hardcore. Fell on my face, my purse went flying it's contents went flying. I thought someone was going to come over and kick me out for being drunk, which I wasn't. I ended up sitting down for a bit. Grabbed another drink and limped away. I stayed for about another hour before it really started to hurt. Now is the time I regretted parking 4 blocks away! And I have a stick. I swore so much on my way home.

Sunday I was suppose to drive to Easter dinner in Troy. I couldn't do that. Poor Rob had to drive. He's driven so much this past week. Thursday we went to Toledo and he drove. Easter dinner was fun. I had a glass of Sangria with my grandma. Dinner was really good, and I think I handled my portion sizes well. I didn't over eat as usual. At this point my foot is puffy as hell and has a big dark red spot on the left top. I was showing my cousin's little girl and said look at my fat foot. She looks at me and says If you eat bad food you get fat. I laughed and said yes, yes you do.

Today my lovely mom got up and took me to work as I can't drive. After an hour at work I couldn't take it anymore. The pain and annoyance of my foot was awful. I called her back and she was still in town! Score one for me. She took me to my doctor's. I had x-rays done. I fractured my 5th metacarpals. If it was one bone over I was going to be referred to a specialist. I now have to wear a boot on my left foot. After 3 weeks if it isn't feeling any better I have to go back. Yuck. My mom and I have switched cars so I can at least drive around when needed.

Mar. 30th, 2010

01:51 pm - Headaches can suck it

I had my sleep study last night. My technician was awesome, the wire not so much. I had to get up a few times during the night to pee. I manged to only get up once. I woke up with a headache. I have been for the last couple of nights. I have one right now. The tend to go away pretty quickly, but it sucks.

After getting up and trying to brush my hair (that gel stuff is hard to brush through) Rob met me for breakfast before my weekly doctors appointment at 7:30 this morning. What a sweet husband.

That appointment didn't go as planned. I gained back some of the 6.5pounds I've lost. Oh and I know why. The weekends kick my ass, where I need to kick it's ass. I meet with Erin the nutritionist today. I need to eat a snack every 3-4 hours. We talked about my plans for this weekend. It's set up to fail. A jewelery party after work on Friday then straight to the bar Juke's. Saturday I'm headed to The BOB for a"My divorce is final" party. Sunday is Easter dinner over in Detroit.

Here's my plan.  Friday Kat is going to meet me at work to head over to Julie's. I am going to have a snack in my car. I'm going to try to stay away from whatever food Julie has out. On our way to the bar I want to have some sort of dinner already packed. The standard peanut butter sandwich. Once at the bar only have one drink, so I better make it a good one. Saturday morning/afternoon head to the gym. Saturday night at The BOB I'm gonna dance my ass off! Again one drink. Sunday I'm driving to Detroit. I will eat smaller portions which will be very hard. But I'm most excited for dessert. Aunt Denise asked us to make it. I started looking through the cookbooks. What I found was Watermelon Sorbet and Blueberry Sherbet. Each about 100 calories for a cup!!!!!We'll make (and by we I mean Rob) a pound cake to go with it. So Ican't go wrong with dessert.

So there's my weekend plan. I know you didn't need to know about it all, but now I feel accountable for my actions.  I'll honestly let you know how goes it.

Mar. 23rd, 2010

08:15 pm - The day of three doctors.

Well places that all have doctors. First I went to my Weigh to Wellness appointment. I've been in the program for a month now. I'm down 6.5pounds!!! I treated myself to a new purse. (I also got a new shirt, cookbook and shoes)

Second was to a sleep doctors. I most likely have sleep apnea. I'm scheduled for a sleep study on Monday night. I wonder how this will go?

Third was up to Butterworth to see Theresa and Garrett. He is adorable.Dark hair like Theresa. I'm told he had blue eyes, but he slept the entire time I was up there with the exception of giving me what I call the Stink Eye, but Jay and Theresa call it Pirate Eye. It was nice to up there without anyone else there. I got to hold him the entire time. Rob would have gone but after work the other day he fell down our stairs and maybe sprained his ankle.

Plan of attack this week. Work out, and take care of the house a little bit at a time.

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